We are delighted to announce that Ping Identity has acquired Symphonic to add industry leading, fine-grained dynamic authorization to further enhance the Ping Intelligent Identity Platform. Read more…




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Symphonic’s access management software gives you centralised visibility and control over the policies that apply to your entire data landscape – within one easy-to-use interface. Symphonic software makes access management simple and agile, helping you support rapidly emerging needs for sharing data inside and outside your organisation – quickly, securely and intelligently .


Centralised management and simple maintenance of policies using our ‘no-code’ interface empowers business agility when requirements change.


Adding contextual data transforms your policy decisioning. By fetching data in real-time from API and legacy services, Symphonic gives you power to make fine-grained access decisions relevant to context.

Trusted by over 40 large enterprise customers globally, including


Centralised policies are easily created, changed and improved around business needs. The enterprise no longer relies on hidden, “hard-baked” access control decisions from application development teams.  


Comprehensive audit logs of change control, access requests and policy decisions improves information governance, giving visibility across the application landscape when enforcing the enterprise’s policies.

Trusted by Organisations

One Platform for Authorization

Designed to make building fine-grained authorization policies easy


Our unique trust framework delivers the tools you need to build consistently defined business policies, removing the need for technical implementation.


Our policy manager provides an easy to use solution to designing and managing your policies with a simple to use interface.


Our decision engine provides a high performance, scalable decision point capable of accessing a multitude of external systems to provide real-time decision responses

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