About Symphonic

Symphonic was born out of the recognition that the world has changed – and so has the way we store, use and share data. Our vision is to enable a new approach to data sharing that balances security with availability and agility. Symphonic is the product of that vision: a simple, flexible and secure access management solution that gives you complete visibility and control over who you share data with and how.


Knowledge Transfer Partnership

 Symphonic Software has secured a  Knowledge Transfer Partnership to work with University of Strathclyde to deliver further innovation into its Identity and Access Management solutions.



 Symphonic Software has been selected by Scottish Government under the Civtech programme to deliver improved data access and governance for NHS NSS, Scotland's largest data owner.



Scottish Cyber Awards

 Symphonic Software has been nominated as finalist in the inaugural Scottish Cyber Awards 2016.





 Symphonic Software has been appointed consortium partner for SHiELD – European Security in Health Data Exchange which will unlock the value of health data to European Citizens and businesses by overcoming security and regulatory challenges that today prevent this data being exchanged with those who need it.

For further information, see SHiELD Project