How It Works

Symphonic's open architecture and flexibility makes it an ideal solution for many of the complex authorisation challenges that organisations face today.

Deploying Symphonic

Symphonic is a single, integrated system, designed for flexibility and agility. It can be deployed in different modes to meet different requirements. It integrates with your existing IT infrastructure to provide central visibility and control over access management – across your corporate resources and in the cloud.


Symphonic can be deployed as a centralised solution to align highly distributed architectures with varying topologies including any Cloud environment, and aggregate the activity and log information. It can also be used to extend existing SaaS and cloud services security for data owners requiring additional consent parameters for sensitive data.


Symphonic can be deployed within existing client infrastructure, inheriting prevailing security protocols, and can also be deployed at many different points within that infrastructure, depending on need. From the firewall, enforcing at the entry point right down to the data points. 

  • Access Governance

    Applied as a “digital wrapper”, Symphonic gives you complete control over how people (employees, customers, patients, citizens, contractors, suppliers and partners) access your data systems.

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  • Service Governance

    Symphonic gives you deep control over machine-to-machine access permissions within your Service Oriented Architecture – ensuring the principle of least privilege is also maintained for non-human data “users”.

  • Data Governance

    Apply highly-specific, risk-driven controls to your most sensitive data resources, with granular management over who can access data - all the way down to the individual database cell level.

Key Symphonic Functionality


    • Designed to support cross-domain data sharing, connecting disparate organisations in one manageable data ecosystem.
    • Implement Symphonic at any layer in your architecture stack to deliver enhanced authorisation control just where you need it.
    • Built on patented technology for unrivalled performance and scalability to suit the most demanding environments.
    • Built to support open standards including XACML, OAuth2 and SAML - plus simple integration with proprietary systems.
    • Open architecture for easy integration with your existing architectures and applications – including legacy and home-grown systems.
    • Integrate your existing identity services and access management tools into Symphonic through our fully-documented APIs. 



 For more information on how you can deploy Symphonic in your organisation, contact us.