Symphonic's software delivers benefit across a range of industries where protection of sensitive data is key to organisational success. With an increased need for organisations to share data with partners, suppliers and customers, the need for efficient and effective access management has never been greater.

Protecting data and enabling access

Secure data sharing underpins the modern world. Digitalisation, mobility, analytics, cloud computing and social media/enterprise collaboration have changed the data landscape forever. New data sharing use cases are emerging across all industries as organisations seek to squeeze more value out of their digital assets.

In banking, open data helps challenger banks and alternative finance providers make better decisions about who to lend money. Open data sharing helps market comparison applications tell customers how they can save money. In health, an increasing volume of patient data moves between healthcare providers, research institutions and insurers. In manufacturing, it’s the supply chains that share data for upstream and downstream integration that win.

The possibilities for getting value from data sharing are endless, but the challenge for organisations is to enable open access while maintaining security. Symphonic is designed for flexibility, helping you to meet the challenges of secure sharing in this data-driven age.



Symphonic is designed to help organisations face the complex challenges of data sharing and access management in the digital age. Founded on principles of flexibility and interoperability, Symphonic supports a wide set of data authorisation and access scenarios.