Health and Social Care

When healthcare providers and social care agencies work together they can support better health and wellbeing for patients and citizens. Symphonic enables increased collaboration between disparate groups to provide joined-up health and social care while maintaining patient and citizen privacy.

Protecting patient and citizen data

The data landscapes in health and social care are complex. Multiple healthcare providers and government agencies collect data about patients and citizens – using different systems and formats. Often, optimal care is not achieved because data is siloed and key information is missed when clinical care decisions are made. 

While governments and healthcare organisations are connecting systems to get a more holistic view of the patient/citizen, the inability to manage the security and privacy aspects in such a complex environment often stands in the way of a fully efficient and effective system.

Symphonic is designed to solve this problem – to provide efficient and effective control over data sharing between organisations. With Symphonic, data owners can explicitly define –to a granular level – which data items are shared with which people and groups – and under what conditions. With easy-to-use non-technical tools, Symphonic lets you apply and manage policies that enforce organisational policies and industry regulations.

Key functionality for health and social care organisations

  • Get a holistic view of patients/citizens: Connect disparate data domains securely to enable safe, compliant sharing and collaboration for more effective health and social care.
  • Maintain patient/citizen privacy: Granular access controls let you limit the data you expose to third parties – all the way down to an individual database table, row or cell.
  • Apply and demonstrate compliance: Symphonic’s easy-to-use Policy Manager makes the process of translating paper policies into enforced rules simple.
  • Symphonic helps you manage complex, evolving privacy requirements and regulations across regions. Access rules are abstracted from systems to provide agile, holistic control.
  • Powerful governance and reporting tools give you proof of compliance at the click of a button - reducing the burden during an audit and minimising disruption to operations.
  • Apply complex logical access rules: Symphonic’s powerful Policy Manager gives lets you limit data access to the relevant people, enforcing a “circle of trust” to the people directly involved.

Symphonic enables “connected health” strategies and joined-up social care while maintaining compliance in complex regulatory environments. With complete control over who can access which data – and how – you can drive greater collaboration for more efficient and effective provision of care.