Control, Visibility, Compliance

One platform for authorization

Fine-Grained Access Control

Design and build fine-grained authorization policies at lightning speed

Write and refine policies that leverage all available data to make effective decisions. Add or update policies without modifying underlying applications. Give visibility on alignment to regulations like PSD2 and GDPR.


Business-Driven Policies

Safely create, change and improve policies around business needs

Quickly build policies using reusable attributes and components in our powerful visual interface. One unified platform for access management across the enterprise.

Resilient, Fast, Decision Engine

Easy, elastic scalability with Symphonic’s lightweight, resilient architecture.

Our Policy Decision Point is a lightweight, scalable runtime engine for authorization. Deploy anywhere – on-premises, to the cloud or both.


Connect Any Service

Fetch contextual information in real-time from any service

Dynamically retrieve data from any new, custom or legacy services, transform data with expressions, and intelligently use context-relevant information to make the right decision.

Welcome to a solution with more flexibility, more efficiency, simply integrated

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Monitor Performance and Compliance

Enterprise level information governance via performance and audit logs

Visualise how policy decisions were reached. Take full control of the governance and audit information in logs. Set your own retention policy and export log data to the location and tool of your choice.


Flexible Integration

Easy to integrate, decoupling access control policy from the software development lifecycle.

Access control policy changes can be deployed in minutes. Deploy on-premise or in your cloud, using our stateless runtimes to ensure flexibility and high availability.

Collaborate and Share

Policy configuration can be stored in version control, shared and collaborated on by teams of operators.

Provide users with varying levels of access to view, create or administer policies. Manage segregation of duties change control approvals and powerful deployment capabilities.


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Welcome to a solution with more flexibility, more efficiency, simply integrated.