Access Management at the speed of business

Symphonic’s access management software gives you centralised visibility and control over the policies that apply to your entire data landscape – within one easy-to-use interface. Symphonic software makes access management simple and agile, helping you support rapidly emerging needs for sharing data inside and outside your organisation - quickly and securely.

Access Management. Simplified.

Symphonic brings simplicity to access management. The Trust Framework models your extended data ecosystem. The Policy Manager lets you create policy rules in plain business language. The Authorisation Engine applies your rules to control access requests in real time. And comprehensive governance tools make auditing and compliance straightforward.

  • TrustFramework.png

    The Trust Framework is a unique feature of Symphonic’s product. It is the foundation for access management - a single, enterprise-wide view of your data ecosystem and the people who access it.

    The Trust Framework captures all your digital assets, services and users – across all the domains in which your organisation operates. This gives you a complete and accurate map of the “what” and the “who” in your data environment – and creates a solid platform on which access rules are built.


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  • PolicyManager.png

    The Policy Manager is the front-end user interface for the business – enabling easy management of access policies in plain business language. No technical expertise is necessary.

    Using the building blocks captured by the Trust Framework, the Policy Manager lets you quickly create access rules to define who can access what, and under what conditions. Access rules in Symphonic are uniquely powerful and flexible – going beyond static Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) to evaluate access requests based on dynamic contextual attributes like location, time, device-type, and their relationship with the data.

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  • AuthorisationEngine.png

    The Authorisation Engine is the engine of the Symphonic solution - the middleware that captures and evaluates every access request.

    Using the rules you create with the Policy Manager, the Authorisation Engine evaluates each request to determine whether it should be accepted or denied. Built for high performance, requests are evaluated in milliseconds – with no perceptible delay to the end user. The Authorisation Engine logs every request (accepted or not) to give you a complete audit trail of access requests.

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  • Governance.png

    Symphonic’s Governance tools give you clear oversight of data access across your entire organisation.

    With complete visibility of policies, rules and access requests in one location, Symphonic gives you a central governance point for access management. It gives you a complete view of who can access what and who has accessed what – providing centralised proof of compliance and a valuable source of real-time intelligence for your information security function. This “single pane of glass” view of your data access ecosystem gives you confidence that compliance is always maintained and access is managed efficiently.

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  • FeatureSummary.png

    Identity and Authorisation

    • SSO
    • Federated Identity
    • Multiple Identity Providers
    • IAM Interoperability
    • BYOID
    • Step-Up verification
    • Multi-domain
    • Authorisation

    Policy Management

    • RBAC
    • ABAC
    • Policy Import
    • Trust
    • Devolved data ownership
    • Dynamic
    • Context-Aware
    • Workflow integration
    • Data Filtering and Masking
    • Abstraction
    • Multi standard support
    • Role, relationship, consent, delegation
    • Break Glass

    Integration & Connectivity

    • Legacy Integration
    • Mobility
    • Cloud Ready
    • 3rd party integration
    • API Integration
    • Technology agnostic
    • High Performance
    • Scalable

    Compliance and Audit

    • Single View
    • Transparency
    • Real Time Monitoring
    • Dashboard
    • Audit Trail
    • User rights review
    • Policy History Review
    • Development Life Cycle Management
    • Segregation of duties
    • Privileged accounts
  • Business Alignment

    Manage access controls in plain business language – empowering business people to own, manage and adapt access rules in response to rapidly changing business needs.

  • Easily Integrated

    Symphonic’s open architecture integrates with your existing IT investments - using easy-to-configure connectors built on the common industry standards.

  • Continuous Compliance

    Enforce compliance by design. Symphonic enforces access rules to ensure the way people access data always complies with your internal policies and external regulations.

  • Innovation Agility

    Symphonic is uniquely flexible. Support new data sharing use cases faster than ever – enabling new revenue streams, higher productivity, safe BYOD and big data scenarios.