Policy Manager

Symphonic’s Policy Manager is an intuitive interface that gives you complete control over the rules that define who can access what, when and how – in plain business terms.

Refreshingly simple policy management

With the Symphonic Policy Manager, you can quickly create rich access rules that enable data sharing while enforcing internal policies and external regulations – right across your organisation. Using the building blocks defined in the Trust Framework, the Policy Manager tool enables simple construction and management of access rules that translate paper policies into real-world access controls.


Business-oriented policy management

The Policy Manager lets you create rich access rules in plain business language. No technical expertise is necessary. This puts control over access conditions into the hands of the business stakeholders who own the data.

In most organisations, managing access controls involves a painful process of manual systems administration across dozens or hundreds of disparate IT resources. Symphonic takes the pain out of aligning access controls with business needs.

Fine-grained control

Protect sensitive data and apply the principle of least privilege through fine-grained control over who access what data.

Going beyond the constraints of static Role-based Access Controls (RBAC), Symphonic lets you control the granularity of access all the way down to the individual database cell level – masking the data points that the user doesn’t need to see.


Context-aware access logic

Powerful, flexible policy rules let you define the precise conditions under which access should be granted.

With Symphonic, you can create rules to evaluate access requests against the traditional static elements (like the user’s organisation and role) but also the dynamic, contextual elements (like the user’s location, the device they are using, time of day and their logical relationship with the data).

Flexible, agile policy management

In today’s fast moving business environments, access controls need to change fast in response to new business initiatives – in order to maintain a balance between availability and security. Symphonic’s Policy Manager gives you the tools you need to streamline access management processes and optimise business agility.

Rich access rules

Symphonic extends policy management to include third-party actions and notifications.

In high-risk contexts (where the user is requesting access from an unrecognised device or via an unsecured Wi-Fi connection), your access rules may insist on a further authentication step before access is granted. This enables dynamic balancing between the level of risk and the number of authentication steps the user must take to gain access.

Lifecycles and ownership

No data resource should ever be without an owner. Symphonic helps you ensure all your digital assets have an owner who is responsible for managing related policies.

The application of version control to policies allows policy management to become an integral part of your development cycle – not just an afterthought. Policies can be created and validated in advance – ready for deployment. A full history of all policy versions is maintained, enabling instant roll-back of policies to a safe baseline if you need to urgently back-out a development change.

Symphonic’s Policy Manager helps you keep access controls tightly aligned with a rapidly shifting business and regulatory landscape. The abstraction of access controls away from the technical level eliminates the manual overheads commonly associated with change, streamlining access management policies for a more responsive and secure organisation.