Trust Framework

The Symphonic Trust Framework captures comprehensive information about your data, services and users to give you a complete map of your enterprise data ecosystem. This information gives you the building blocks you need to quickly create policies that define who can access what and under what conditions.

Model your data and user landscape

One of the biggest information security questions is this: Just who does have access to our data? The first step towards gaining effective control is getting a clear and accurate view of your access landscape. The Symphonic Trust Framework captures an accurate view of your information resources (datacenter and cloud), the users who access them (inside and outside your organisation) and the policies you need to apply – and acts as the central framework that defines access privileges.


User populations

The trust framework pulls together a complete picture of your user populations in one place: on-premise employees, home and mobile workers, partners, consultants, customers, patients, citizens or any other group that need access to your data. This is your view of the “who” in your data ecosystem.

Symphonic integrates with a variety of Identity Provider (IdP) services to gather a complete and accurate set of user data from your existing directory systems.

Data resources

The Trust Framework also captures a complete map of your organisation’s data resources: applications, databases, web services, file stores or any other digital assets in any format. This is your view of the “what” in your data ecosystem.

Symphonic integrates with your existing IT infrastructure (both on-premise and cloud) to apply enterprise-wide access management – without disruption to your existing investments.


Built on strong foundations

Together, information on users and resources make up the Symphonic Trust Framework, the foundation on which access policies are constructed. These real-world “building blocks” make the process of managing the data access ecosystem simple – elevating access management from a technical level to a business-oriented perspective.

Building blocks

The Trust Framework sets out the “what” and the “who” of access management, creating a solid platform for developing access rules that are firmly grounded in the current reality of your data ecosystem.

These building blocks are the basis for defining strongly-typed policy rules that are totally unambiguous: they apply directly to real-world entities and bring complete clarity to the way your data ecosystem and your policies dovetail together to deliver watertight security and compliance.

Business-oriented view 

The Trust Framework defines the data ecosystem in business terms, elevating it above the technical level. It empowers business stakeholders and data owners to manage access controls in line with business needs – without any technical knowledge of the individual systems in which the data resides.

This business-oriented view of the data landscape makes it practical for the people who own and understand the data resources to also manage who can access that data – and how. 

The Symphonic Trust Framework gives organisations something they’ve never had before: a single system of record that describes their data resources and the people who access them – in simple business terms. This framework is elemental to abstracting control away from individual systems, creating access rules that make sense in the real world, and streamlining access management processes to take the pain out of governance and compliance.