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Maintaining morale during lockdown

The impact of Coronavirus has been immense. The key reason for this is the fact that the virus is a societal issue, not just a business issue and we all share responsibility. Social distancing and staying at home are now the bywords and as such we all need to adapt to this new way of working and communicating.

Our staff are used to working remotely for short periods of time and this works well for both our business and our team. However, we are now in a prolonged period of remote working, which will affect our ability to interact and collaborate. To combat this, we have started the following:

  • Duty of Care Meetings – We find out from our team if there are any issues at home or they have any blockers preventing them from working. The focus of these meetings is to maintain the level of care provided and ensure that the team feels supported. 
  • Weekly all-hands – These allow us an opportunity to share updates on all aspects of the business with the team. We try to make these fun (for example, asking the team to wear a crazy hat) and some of the responses have been brilliant! It’s great to see our colleagues being creative and taking on the challenge.
  • Social Meetings – Some of these have had a theme such as poker or a boardgaming night which were a great success and we have now officially opened our virtual pub “Ye Olde Policy Tree”. These nights have been well attended and there has been a real feeling from the team that these are important in maintaining staff morale during this difficult period.

This combination of meetings alongside our normal work meetings have allowed us to remain assured that our team have adjusted well to the changes imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic while having some fun along the way. 

We hope that if you’re still able to work you have rolled out something similar in your business and you’re adapting to the change as we have. Stay home, save lives and stay safe.

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