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Join the experts in designing, implementing and controlling digital access.

Thursday 6th August 10:00am – 10:45am BST

Technology spend is often driven by ever-increasing control and governance requirements. However, the current pandemic has forced new ways of working and accelerated changes relating to digital access. We are helping the most forward looking enterprises meet these challenges head-on and would like to share our experience with you.

Join us to hear how you can;

  • Assess your current capabilities and develop a roadmap for digital access acceleration
  • Enhance your access control to a granular level, in order to provide complete confidence for you and your customers.
  • Deliver a world-class API gateway, familiar to millions of developers worldwide, to enforce those policies.

Presented by;

  • Raidiam as trusted advisor / consultant that has credibility in design.
  • Symphonic as an award-winning intelligent authorization control capability.
  • Kong as additional community links.

Who should attend?

  • CPO of any firm looking to accelerate the INNOVATION cycles for new products
  • CSO/CTO of regulated firms looking for COMPLIANCE solutions around their access control
  • CMO of any firm aiming to connect with CUSTOMERS digitally more flexibly
  • HR – for firms looking to support ways of REMOTE WORKFORCE access

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Derick James

CEO Symphonic Software

Derick has led Symphonic since its foundation. Symphonic delivers the required protection for data and services in an increasingly interconnected world – Symphonic takes access control to the next level. It enables clients  to more finely control access to protected resources, across a number of industries. 

Ralph Bragg

CTO and Founding Partner OBIE Security Architect, Raidiam​

Ralph leads the Raidiam engagement at the UK’s Open Banking Implementation Entity where he was responsible for the design of the trust framework and services that underpin and support the UK’s
financial services industry data driven revolution. 

Tim Johnson

Strategy Director OBIE Strategy, Raidiam​

Tim has nearly twenty years’ in the financial services industry with specific expertise in the development of strategies for transformation and future business models. His subject knowledge covers the whole span of payments, with a strong foundation from over a decade working with Barclaycard’s issuing and co-brand partnerships.

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