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Learning from the best - Powerful lessons from sport

In recent years, business leaders have shown an increasing interest in learning from sport, at Symphonic we are no different.

We recently had the ex Scotland and Glasgow Warriors rugby player Graeme Morrison visit us to share his insights and experience into how you create and embed a culture of excellence in an organisation. 

Graeme explained the approach and methods used by Glasgow Warriors to rise from near bottom of the PRO14 to becoming Champions in a few short years. There was much to learn from Glasgow’s journey, which promoted positive leadership behaviour, sense of purpose and a vision which inspires and motivates both the team and supporters.

Key to the success of the journey was the setting of values, explicit standards and promoting a sense of a higher purpose.

Graeme provided clear examples of how embedding the belief in the Glasgow camp that Champions need to behave like Champions before they can become champions moved the club forward. He reinforced this point by detailing how the All Blacks ensure that one of their core values – humility runs ‘bone deep’, they ’sweep the sheds’ meaning that you’ll find some of the world’s most famous players sweeping and cleaning the changing rooms.

Graeme issued us the challenge to ask ourselves what standards should we set that would make a big difference to the way we operate?

We were given an insight into how Glasgow created that key sense of a shared and higher purpose. Graeme shared a video of the day Glasgow became PRO14 champions and how tapping into a ‘higher purpose’, the team performed better because it meant more to everyone involved.

Again the challenge to us was how we were tapping into a ‘higher purpose’ to motivate our people?

We have taken the insights and advice offered by Graeme and are working on incorporating them into our day to day business. We aspire to be always learning, always growing business, where our focus on continual improvement creates a strong learning environment.

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